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As our name implies, Joy Roman Fish Taxidermy specializes exclusively in fish mounts. Our artists and the techniques we pioneered over the last 3 decades are nationally recognized. We provide a complete range of services which include the following:

Our Services


This is the original method of using the skin of your actual fish and fitting it over a foam body, then positioning it in a realistic pose. After drying for an extended period of weeks to months, depending on size and species, care will be taken to restore the original coloring lost in the drying process. This is done with airbrush techniques pioneered by Jeff Roman.  Please refer to our Field Guide for detailed information about preparing your catch for this process.


A replica or reproduction is a mount made entirely of synthetic materials by casting a mold of an actual fish.  We create molds in-house and we have literally thousands of unique molds to choose from, so we are able to match virtually any species and size. Remember: All molds are made in the U.S.A. as opposed to foreign countries like many of our large competitors.    

With the increasing popularity of catch and release, a replica is the only way to go. Even if the fish was caught years ago, we can recreate the trophy fish you remember. (All we need is a photo and measurements) Using our exclusive finishing and painting techniques, our fish have a “wet look” and uncanny life-like appearance. Many find it hard to believe their fish isn’t real.  For tips on measuring and photographing your trophy for the purpose of a creating a replica, visit our Field Guide page.


From minor touch ups and a fresh “wet” shine to a full repair and repaint, we’ll give new life to that crusty old mount.  Just like Extreme Makeover shows on TV where they transform a rundown house or clunker car into a masterpiece…well, that’s what we do for fish mounts. Whether it’s a mount that’s been in the family for years, or one you just picked it up at a yard sale, we can make it ready for bragging rights on your wall.

Replace missing eye, repair/replace broken fins. Restore color and shine.


How to Measure a Fish for the purpose of making a replicaWhile your trophy fish will look great hanging on the wall as it is, it can be enhanced by mounting it to a weathered piece of driftwood or a wooden panel.  As a personal touch, a nameplate can be added to commemorate your catch with names, dates or even a slogan or motto.   

For the ultimate impression, a custom habitat can be crafted using sand, rocks, shells, grass, small baitfish, lures, and other items.  The limit is your imagination.

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